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Daily updates on the fishing in Lake Michigan, posted by Captain Gintas.

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  • Inland Bass Fishing


    It was a strange weekend for fishing.  Saturday morning the action was great. &5 feet of water out to 125 was productive from shallow rodss (10 cores) to Coppers, down to the bottom.   Spoons were taking most of the bites. Some Skamanias came to play with us, on the lead cores. 

        Not sure what happened Sunday.   The Bass guys couldn't even catch one fish.  The Gar were frolicking, but that's never a good sign.  

  • A Great Family Outing on Lake Michigan


    Dad's Hooked a Big Laker!

  • 50 Minute Battle of Wills!


    Longest fight yet.



    Get your buckets, minnows and Perch rods!   The Perch are in the Harbors!

  • Huge Chicago Steelhead!


  • Summer Has Arrived, and so have the Perch!


    No video recently because of all the fog.  That's over now since the waters warmed up.   There are Perch being caught any day there are SW, West, winds by all the harbor mouths on the usual set ups with minnows. 

           The Salmon and Trout were real active since Thursday in 80 to 115 feet of water. All my Spring boards are still being used, Running 8 small dodgers with Peanut Flies, 1 oz. or smaller weights.   We got several Summer Run Steelheads along with Cohos, Lakers, Kings.   Fishing from 3 feet down to the bottom with 20 rods!!   If you get out early start in 60 feet and troll out.  That's where the bait is heavy.

  • Catching a Fish of a Lifetime!


    A great deal of bait has been moving into the Chicago waters recently, which has brought with them Cohos and Kings, and a few Summer Run Steelhead (Skamanias).   60 feet of water to about 80 on the surface for Cohos, and down 25 to 35 feet with small dodgers and tiny flies fished back 30 feet behind the ball was my best rig.    Lake Trout outside of 85 feet to about 115 feet.  On the bottom. 

  • Lake Michigan has much to offer


    The Salmon and Trout have been following the schools of baitfish into the shallows at night (46 to 52 feet of water) and feasting. Gobies are also on the menu and live on the hard bottom ridges.   Surface dodgers and flies (on boards) are producing Steelhead and Cohos mostly because they are eating flies and bugs off the surface.   Kings, Lakers, Browns are coming near the bottom on large dodgers and flies, spoons also are working.    During the day the silver fish moved out to 60 to 70 feet of water, and the Lakers just stay out deeper than all of the other species(near 100- 110 feet)

  • Super Nice Lake Trout, who fought like A King


  • Kids Love Bass, Kids of All Sizes


    Kids love fishing if they are catching them or at least seeing them.  There are plenty of Bass Spawning and visible if you wear polarzed sunglasses, which makes it fun for kids to keep their attemtion.  Shallow bays and shorelines with hard bottom, sand, gravel will hold bedding Bass.If you are fishing on Lake Michigan or it's Bays make sure you catch some smaller Gobies first!!   Put them in a bucket and go find some Bass!    Light line, small hook behind the Dorsel Fin , no weight.   Look for them and throw  it on their bed or in front of them when you see them cruising..There is no self-respecting Bass that will tolerate a Gogie with it's tail cut off in fron of them or on their bed!!!    Bluegills prefer some weeds for protection from the Bass.  It's like jumping fish keep you fishing where otherwise you would have given up.  Bluegills also are great fun for kids because when you find a bunch of them it's non-stop action with a small bobber, light line and a worm.

    Lake Michigan fishing is getting better as the weather gets more stable.  All the usual Spring stuff is working, outside of 60 feet of water, from the surface to the bottom.  De, eper on calm, sunny days..