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  • Winter Fishing, Soft Water! Get it while it's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!


    So here is how it sits.   Figure out what you want to catch,   the Streams of Lake Michigan and those like the Kankake River and many more are prime for Walleye Inland and Lake Michigan Tributaries, everytning is there on the menu......Lake Trout, Steelhead, Brown Trout, Pike, Crappies, Walleye.   It's all going to freeze SOON and the fish will be safe for a while.   The Creeks will be good all Winter so focus on what is there now, just now

  • Captain Gintas and Kris fishing in December


    It's December 12 2014 and we are trolling in a River for multiple species.  The waters don't get cpld ebought to bring these fish in until around Thansgiving, then it's hurry up and fish before it freezes over and then the fish are safe.   Diving crankbaits trolled quickly, covering water was the key.

  • My fish smoking Technique/recipe


    Hi everyone, this is what many of you have been asking for.   

      Smoked Fish Recipe

           1. cur your fish in 3 to 4 inch chunks

           2.  make a brine of 1 cup Kosher salt to one gallon of water

           3.  add fish into brine and put in refrigerator for at least 8 hours

           4.  take oout and rinse off

           5.  use towels to dry off fish>

           6.   combine equal amount of Molasses and Brown sugarm make  mixture

           7.  coat fish with the mixture and let rest and re apply

           8. get smoker ready and keep 180 to 220 degrees until fish flake 

           0. use Fruit Woods!!!!!!!!   Apple rocks!

  • Step 2 in Smoking a fish recipe


    Once it Flakes,  it should smell done if you pay attention.    Enjoy!!!

  • It's Winter Fishing Time!


    Hey Guys!     My Winter fishing begins after Thanksging, as the waters get cold enough to draw in the fish into shallow waters, including the Harbors, Creeks, and Streams.   All of Lake Michigans Tributaries are now prime for great fishing, or real close.   Perch wait until water temps get near freezing to show up, so do the Walleye, Pike, Whitefish, Browns, and Steelies.   Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin all have many nice Stream options.   Trolling is a very effective way of covering water and keeping your bait in the "kill zone".     Various divers, Rattletraps, need to be experimented with because the "hot" baits change.    Good luck out there!

  • Hungarians vs. Lake Trout, round 4


    You can ask for a nicer day, but you wouldn't get one!  

  • "How far back was that Fish?" OMG!


    Can't ask for a nicer day on Lake Michigan just off-shore of Chicago.

  • Hungarians, round 2


    round 2

  • The Hungarians vs. the great fighting Fish of Lake Michigan


    Some Perch were caught inside of Belmont Harbor yeasterday!    OMG!    Have not  seen one since I don't know.     Some fresh Kings came into the Harbors also, but are as fincky as usual.  Fishing on the Lake has been incredible!   Same areas, same patterns    114 feet to 140 feet,    deeper has produced Kings and Steelies as well as Lakers..        

  • Karl is wearing out his crew with all these Fish