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  • Cohos on the Beach in Chicago!


    In the last week the Cohos have been growing bigger and are chasing the Bait onto the Beaches where they can be trapped and more easily gobbled up.     I have been troliing in 11 feet of water, with my shallow Boards running as shallow as 6 feet of water!  From my Fly-Bridge I can see the bait Balls.   They move so just because the fish were there all week, means nothing.  They have Fins and Tails, and they swim!!    This action will not last too long,  they will scatter once the bait Spawns and waters warm up.  Limit catches are still the norm for every Charter!!   Small Dodgers, and tiny flies are the Key on my boards.    Fishing this shallow pushes the fish to the sides where they find my baits!   

  • Coho Fishing at it's Finest!


    Since  that massive school of fish moved into the Chicago Light area where the Bait is Spawning last Saturday,  it's been INSANE FISHING!    Small boats are just running flat lines with body baits and catching a few fish with the protection of the breakwall.  This will not last long people!   So if thinking about Spring fishing at it's best, don't wait. Most days we are running 12 surface boards, which most of our action is coming on BTW.  It was too busy to even have anyone film everything!!   Good luck guys. 

  • OMG!! Incredible Salmon and Trout Fishing in Chicago!


    Sorry for the long wait for reports, but I have been doing charters every day.   Navy Pier area inside and outside the wall has been where we have been fishing.  Today we took 27 Cohos and 3 Browns in 2 hours right in front on Navy Pier!!    Surface boards with small dodgers and tiny flies is all you need.  We run 20 rods usually.  There is video i am editting so standby please. But don't forget to go Walleye fishing at night in your best spot at night! It's the Full Moon Phase!   after 11pm best.      Bass are swimming around in the Chicago harbors and hitting jigs worked slowly.

  • Come Play with the Chicago Kings!!!


    Hello everyone!   Been fishing every day and night in the last week, finally home long enough to do a post. The bait, and prdators are close to shore (less than 30 feet of water)  I find the bait and fish it.   My 10 surface boards with peanut flies, small Dodgers, have been taking most of my Cohos and Steelies.    I figured out how to get the Big Browns and Kings to hit!   Body Baits!!   Can't say more.   Got Kings all weekend!  12 to 19 pounds!!      The DNR said 50% of all Cohos taken last year came in May!   So don't delay in grabbing a date on my book.  Was too rough to film and deal with these crazy big fish.   .

  • Beach Fishing for Cohos at my Favorite Little Creek


    We went back to my Iceberg spot and most of the Ice Shelf was eroded and gone.  The winds were pushing the Creek Flow, which was brownish, past a breakwall.   That's where the fish moved since last week.  Quick limits and offf to the Brine, and then smoker.  

  • Summer Is close! Pick your dates soon before they are gone!


    It's time to plan you weekend adventure with you friends and family on Lake Michigan. 6 people, 6 1/2 hours, including all fishing gear and fish cleaning. You bring a picnic and a lunch. ANGLER depearts from Bemont Harbor morning and afternoon. Captain Gintas Cell Phone 708-738-6155

  • Crazy Wader Fishing in Ice Water for Spring Cohos!!


    Hello everyone!   We found a Creek flowing into Lake Michigan that eroded the ice shelf and created a sanctuary for feeding Cohos and Steelies.   We used a Bobber, split shot, Egg Hook with loop knot, baited with Skein and Butter Worms.   Occassionaly we had to throw grappling hooks to move the Ice Bergs out of the way.    Caught fish all day!         

  • Spring 2015 Cohos are here for your enjoytment!


    The warm weather ealier this week opened up areas on Lake Michigan's trubutaries in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan on the Southern end of the Lake.  This is because the melting and rain swelled the water levels just enough to "pop out" bottleneck areas where the water has no where else to go but up. I watched several of these hard water Tributaries go from ice fishing to open water, very dangerous time of year. Knowing these locations is just a matter of exploring, talking to people,  or knowing someone like me who has been doing this for 35 years. I use a bobber, split shot, 10 1/2 foot rod, A piece of Gulf Shrimp, not farm raised tipped on a  White Crappie Jig,or  Butter worms, Skein, Crawlers, wax worms.  Any open water now near the mouth will be HOT.  If there is deeper water and alot of current use a pyramid sinker rigged slip, A loop knot is perfect for Skein or a very tiny treble hook for the Butter Worms. 3 to 4 foot leader is key.  Whitefish will be at the Mouth always when there is open water there. Many options.  Good luck, be careful.

  • Ice Fishing with the Kids, using Tip-Ups


    Here is the Nicest Ice Shanty I ever fished out of.   On Lake Camelot, Wisconsin., Nakoosa .  We had so much fun with first time fisherman, Kids!    We set the tip ups with Golden Roaches and waited.    The kids ice skated and did some sledding down our little hill to the ice while we waited for a flag to go up,.  Great fun!

  • Ready for Spring Yet Anyone?


    Holy Cow!   It took me 13 takes to finally get my "Fishing Off-Season with Captain Gintas" video edited properly.      I have not been fishing all week so no reports.Sorry guys.   I guess I  can call people who fish and ask them how fishing is,  like other guys who post reports....LOL!    My reports of what I actually did myself!