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Daily updates on the fishing in Lake Michigan, posted by Captain Gintas.

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  • Spring Fishing is Here, Finally!


    Well,  Spring is finally upon us and also is the great fishing.  Lake Michigan has Cohos, Browns, Steelies working the warmer, shore temperature looking for bait.  Bobbers and a worm, Squid strip. minnow, are all producing. The Southern basin still has stained water by the Streams , but that will only bring in more fish, including Walleye!   We hit a small lake last night and i caught a 17 inch Walleye and a 29 inch one too. Snagged a Carp by the tail, which was no fun.   My usual baits were working.  Flat conditions dictate a stop and go retrieve.  It's like "walk the dog",    reel, pause, reel, pause, which allows the nose of the lure to swing from side to side, if you have the right knot that is!.

    The Angler will be running Charters in Chicago just after Tax Day so it's time to get the guys together for the annual Salmon fishing Charter on Lake Michigan..    

  • Spring Fishing Guys, Ice is breaking on Lake Michigan!


    It's been a while since I fished guys.  Been working on The Angler and my new kitchen project at home with knocking walls out and everything icluding French doors out to a new deck.   The Cohos, Browns, and Steelhead are everywhere there is open water. The ice packs shift with the wind and make or break a spot in moments.  Bobbers with Worms, Squid strips, Shrimp, Spawn, a few feet down is a sure bet pattern.  Spoons, Spinners also work.   Find open water. Fish.    That's it. 

  • Captain Gintas demonstrates tying a Loop Knot


    It's almost that time, ice breaking, Whitefish, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout, all can be caught using my bottom, slip rig, loop knot.   Skein and a Crawler are a deadly combo on the bottom near a river mouth in the Spring.

  • Captain Gintas reveals his ice fishing tackle box


    Here's a video of my tackle/baits for ice fishing. My spoons I tip wih a minnow or wax-worms.  For Trout try a srip of Squid!!!!   It's time to start thinking about a Fishing Charter this Summer.  Weekends go quickly.  6 people, 6 1/2 hours on a private Charter boat 5 minutes from Downtown  .Chicago. . You bring  a lunch and drinks. We take care of all baits, fishing gear, and fish cleaning.  $750

  • Here's proof Mr. Ed Smith made it to Lake of the Woods!


    Well here is video proof Mr, Smith made it to The Lake of the Woods, MN.  Angle Outpost provided us with an unbelievable experience in the middle of "God's country".

  • No Spring in Sight.....Yet


  • Team Angler is back from Lake of the Woods, MN


    We are back from an exciting trip to Lake of the Woods, MN.   Every morning an old personel carrier from WWII brought us out for an hour ride to a heated shanty.   It picked us up at sunset and drove us back to the Lodge.   Jigging spoons with glow worked best because of the turbitity reducing visibility.  An "eye-ball bait with 2 minnows near the bottom under a bobber worked best during the day as a "dead-stick".  Sauger, Walleye and some huge Perch kept us busy.

  • Jigging Spoons and Baits for Ice Fishing


    More video from Lake of the Woods

  • It's Saturday, We are at 87th street again.


    WE wemt to 87th str again and pilled up some Perch.

  • Perch anyone? They are back at 87th str!!


    It's Sunday the 26th at 2pm,   been at 87th str. got my limit, cleaned them and am having a beer doing this report!    It's rather difficult and scary for most people  to climb down to the ice, but it's worth it!  In the morning the Perch were next to the wall, but that changed.   Near the middle was and has been the best for larger fish.  I use a rattling/glow spoon (big one) and hook a minnow with 2 of the hooks so it sits horizontally.  Find the bottom and pull up 6 inches.  I jerk it up, wait til it settles and wait 30 seconds and repeat. If not getting action MOVE!!    2 Browns were taken on a Swedish Pimple with a Perch belly strip on it, but squid and Shrimp work as well   Cut the Squid in strips about 2 to 3 inches depending on your spoon size