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  • Open water on Lake Michigan by Creek mouths.....


    For now there is open water by Indiana's Creeks and Streams and there are Coho ,Steelies, Browns, Walleyes, Perch, and Whitefish, depending on where you go.   87th Street was good Sunday morning with open water, but sucked in the afternoon.  The fish have fins and tails, and they swim people!     Indiana and Michigan Rivers have open water also with limitted time before the winds switch.    

  • Best of 2014 Charter Season, take 1, part 1


    Here goes nothing, looks easier than it is.  My first attempt at editting so bear with me guys.  

  • 87th Street "Secret Perch Hole" Update


    Over the weekend 85th Place  (87th str) Perch Hole is no longer covered with ice!   There were some really nice Jumbo Perch caught and many smaller ones as well over the weekend.   The parking and access is becoming difficult because security is chasing out guys anywhere West of the fence by the East end of the Bay.   You need to park on LSD and walk all the way East (drop your gear off and draw staws for the guy who will walk back from LSD.    Until the ice comes back the best areas are off-limits unfortunately.   Go to Indiana and bobber fish the lower strectches of the Creeks and Sreams for Coho and Steelhead until that ice comes back.  Bobber and white crappies jig with red or pink head tipped with a waxie or Butter worm is all you need fished down 4 or 5 feet.,    Limit catches most days once you locate the fish.

  • 20 minute Battle, part 2


    All of the snow melt has blown out the lower streches of Indiana's Streams.  The Steelhead and Cohos came right in to feed on what washed in or was frozen in the ice.  Bobbers with a red hook baited with either wax worms or Butter worms(red ones) down 4 feet or so is the BEST bait.    Walleye are also there, but I fish for them between, 10pm and 2 am.

  • Nazar's 20 minute Battle with a Pike! Part 1


    Tip up fishing is a perfect way to entertain kids of all ages, while being outside in the Winter.  This Lake house is magical because evryone can fish or sit by the fireplace and watch for flags out the window.   

  • Drive your truck out on the Lakes while you still can.,


    There are trucks driving on the Lakes all over guys, so take advantage of there being very little snow, for the time being before you come out and get stuck in deep snow and need a snowmobile or ATV. 

  • Slot Limits....Good or Bad?


    Last  year my Crew and I went to The Lake of the Woods in January.   Great place!   Lots of fish, but all my nice Walleye had to be released!    !8 to 28 inches was the protected size so all the nice sized fish went back.   We had plenty to eat for our fish fry and had a great time, BUT I came home with a few Perch, 4 dink Walleyes, and 4 dink Saugers.   Last week we went to Petenwell Resorvoir and had a great time.   Apparently there are many Walleye in the 24 to 26 inch group, BUT you can only keep them from 15 to 19 inches.  That's good for the fishery and the  folks who live there for the future, BUT why spent time and money going there!?     It's a waste of time and money in my opinion.      Lake Eerie and Devil's Lake have huge Walleye and lots of them!  More and bigger ones every year and getting better!  You can keep your limit every day and not hurt the Fishery.    Go There or other fertile waters instead of going to a slot Lake!!   It's a no brainer.

             We went to a Lake House near-by and caught a ton of Pike afterwards and caught enough each day for a fish fry.  If a Lake can't provide that,   why go there?! 

  • The Perch Are Happy.... Finally!


    Sunday (Jan. 11th   2015)  Was my first Perch trip of the Winter/year.   We got there at 11am,  after going to Henry's to get some Large Fat heads, and walked around the 87th Street and Lake Michigan "Perch Hole" looking for where the guys are catching them, or not. I always leave my gear in the truck when I do my scouting.   Guys are less likely to be hiding what they are doing that way.   We found the area we wanted to fish ,   West end, and drilled a few holes.   The ice is 6 inches in middle and 12 inches next to wall.     In 2 hours I caught about 60 small ones, kept 15,  9 inchers for dinner.  No huge ones yet.    I use a Buck-shot jigging spoon with a minnow hooked horizontally with 2 hooks.   Hit the bottom, reel up a foot,  wiggle it, wait, jig it up a foot, wait,   non-stop action after I figured what they like as far as my jigging goes.   The best way down is either bring your own ladder or go to the North West corner,  there is a railed ladder there that is easy to navigate without fear of a broken neck!      

  • Day after X-mas Pile - o -Pike


    All the open Harbors and Tributaries of Lake Michigan are HOT right now for all species!   This won't last, they will freeze, aleady were frozen once and blew out so strike while the iron is hot!

  • Take advantage of a rare opportunity!


    The lures I use depend on the depyh of the water I am fishing.  So learn the water you are familiar with.  Colors also based on clarity of water,   chartreuse in stained looking water, river water, and naturals for more clear.  Play around with patterns,  Perch are always in Lake Michigan's  fish's menu!  .....   Rattle traps,...experiment.